Year: 2019

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MATHERAN- A Walk between the Woods


चले थे जिस की तरफ़ वो निशान ख़त्म हुआसफ़र अधूरा रहा आसमान ख़त्म हुआ …. For the time-poor individuals looking to get away from the mad rush of city-life, here’s a getaway where you should ditch the unnecessary tensions and enjoy […]


How to Dress Up like Ranveer Singh


You might be thinking… Why this topic? Not because he is my favourite but because he is an inspiration for the Gen-Next these days. Chic, Cringe-worthy or Cool! What do I call him?  Hardly I have seen men experimenting with […]


Is This Friendship Forever?


ज़िन्दगी गुज़र जाए पर दोस्ती कम ना हों। याद हमें रखना चाहें पास हम ना हों। कयामत तक चकता रहे ये प्यारा सा सफर। दुआ करे कि कभी ये रिश्ता खतम ना हो।  Travel is very much connected to friendship. […]

#travel blog

What kind of Backpacker are YOU?


” हर रोज़ गिर कर भी मुकमल खड़े है , ऐ ज़िंदगी देख मेरे हौसले तुझसे भी बड़े है ” Travel is something which makes a person stress-free, creative and makes one much more happier. Earlier, people used to travel […]