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5 Summer Shopping tips for Men | The VogueNaari

summer fashion for men

“Do you like Shopping ?”Men & women always have different views about shopping. According to a survey, most of the men get bored after 26 minutes of shopping, while it took women a full two hours. But let me also let you all know that there are also millions of men & women for whom these characteristics don’t apply. Here is a blog about 5 Summer shopping tips for men to make their Summer more stylised.

According to style experts, the RIGHT WAY to shop for clothes aligns way better with men’s preferences. Don’t you think so?

Summer & Fashion don’t always go hand in hand for men. Whether you want edgy, athletic, rugged, or anything in between, this is the Summer to step it up and make it happen.

Top 5 Summer Shopping Tips For Men:

1. Know your colour of the season:

Have an idea of what your wardrobe should contain. (Will be mentioned in my next blog)

While thinking about the wardrobe, the major factor to consider is your lifestyle, your profession & your environment. It’s basically what all clothing essentials you need to look great everyday?

Make sure your wardrobe is versatile. Most of the men have neutral colours like black, grey, navy blue & tan already in their wardrobe but during summer, soft summer colours are subtle, ethereal, calm, gentle & mysterious so you can go pastel colours like Yellow, mint green, Lilac, Grey, Sky Blue, Peach, Green,etc.

2. Buy a Good Pair of Shorts:

I know this is quite obvious but a good pair of shorts like chino shorts, denim short or athletic short is an essential of your summer wardrobe. While you buy a good pair of shorts few things are very essential like : they end just above knees, they don’t add excess bulk through cargo-like pockets ( for a good silhouette) , neither too tight nor too loose, basically the fit is very important for a perfect look.

3. Be Bold with your Choices:

Summer is the time to be braver with the choice of your attire & act simple as well as bold. Over the last three summers, mens wear has shoved us towards mens fashion being bolder.

Street style is now at par with couture. Rappers and sneakerheads aren’t just the inspiration, they’re the brain trust. And designers are operating at unprecedented levels of energy and innovating with boldness. With designers like Ujwal Dubey, Rajender Pratap Singh, Shantanu & Nikhil , Shivan & Narresh, Kunal Rawal who have established icons to the next generation – lead the charge at the third edition of the country’s premier menswear showcase. Invest in graphic tees, polo tshirts, plain light weight shirts with short sleeves.

Hence, you can try for bold prints, attractive silhouettes & colours.

4. Embrace the ease of Online Shopping:

Online Shopping is like “the easy button” for man friendly shopping. It is like the non-boring way of shopping. For those busy men or the confused ones, Online Shopping is the best way to get your summer essentials home. And the best part is you can quickly get comfortable with the logistics of ordering & returning items. But one disadvantage is that you can’t try before you buy. My advice would be firstly, know your perfect size, read the fabric details and you can happily get your package home.

Best online stores to buy men’s Clothing: Myntra, Jabong, Abof, Ajio, NNNow, Pernia’s Pop Up Shop, Snapdeal & Koovs.

5. Top Summer Essentials:

It is important to fill your wardrobe with summer essential basics like Statement T-shirts, streetwear inspired jackets. In terms of replacing your winter wear to summer wear, here are some shopping tips like replace your wool trousers by light weight, breathable cotton like Chinos & denims. As you progress from winter boots to sneakers & slippers. Sunscreen is very important for men for a hydrating skin.

Summer Wedding Tips:

  • Deciding what to wear to a wedding is a task. But not to worry, I have compiled few outfit ideas & summer shopping tips for men to see your wedding style soar this summer.

• Firstly, read the invitation properly as it is a guide to know if there is any specific dress code. Also, read the venue as if it is a beach wedding then a linen shirt, trousers & loafers worn socksless are ideal.

• Colour wise there are some options- Classic black or mid night blue, grey, beige or richer hues like cobalt or petrol blue. Wear pastel colours or light colours like white, peach, mint green & lemon yellow too.

•As for Accessories, black bow tie, cummerbund, small brooch , printed pocket square & a pair of perfectly shinned black shoes look our perfectly.

• A contemporary two-piece or three- piece suit (slim-fitting,minimal break, notch lapel) will make you look classy. Printed suits are also much in trend.

• Choosing the right fabric is very Important. Breathable materials like linen, cotton & blends of two serves well for weddings in hotter climes.

• Indo- western clothing is also much in trend these days because of the high- detailed embroidery ,unique silhouettes & drapes. You can wear draped kurtas, jodhpuri suit, nehru kurtas and waistcoats can make you look smart and dashing.

My favourite Summer Look: White shirt, blue denim & White Leather Sneakers are a winner for this summer.

When it comes to summer fashion, don’t sweat it up. Keep it light weight & functional.It’s the perfect time to experiment, because many of your peers probably aren’t going to bother trying. Hit June in style.

I hope this  “summer shopping tips for men” blog is worth it & helpful for all my viewers.

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Is This Friendship Forever?

ज़िन्दगी गुज़र जाए पर दोस्ती कम ना हों। याद हमें रखना चाहें पास हम ना हों। कयामत तक चकता रहे ये प्यारा सा सफर। दुआ करे कि कभी ये रिश्ता खतम ना हो।

 Travel is very much connected to friendship. Being a solo traveller or travelling with known friends, by the end you have a story with someone or the other being a part of it. So, it’s like there is an unspoken bond you create with friends you travel with. I love making friends but that’s a different point that I’m a bit lazy at texting or calling them regularly.

But yet I have 1,840 friends on Facebook and I don’t remember when was the last I have checked the list or even texted anyone of them lately? Chances are, you and I may also be connected via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or the hundred other social networking apps; and yet we know nothing about each other’s existence! By the way, I am doing fine, not that you ask. And I hope that you’re well, not that I care. But that’s just howe we roll these days, isn’t it? Friendship these days has been reduced to likes, tags, comments & meme mentions. The more often you tag them, the friendlier you are. Because with time, the definition of friendship has changed. 

We all are so busy in going through our social media feeds that we don’t have time to meet our friends. We think we know most about their lives just by stalking their social media profile, stories or posts but

“Our eyes don’t see truth always..What we believe as to be true, we only see that..very few are eager to know the ultimate truth”.

I’m sure most of us have a solid pack of friends whom we meet offline, in the real world, every now and then. That every now and then being ‘only weekends’. Our generation is having a friendship of self-deplored people finding solace in the company of others caught in similar situations, over rounds of beer & joints, only to forget them on monday mornings. Until next Friday it is.

Lets, face it. We don’t have friends anymore. We just have people with whom we want to post “bae” titled pictures and socialize to get the highest number . of likes and comments. The best part of this is the posts seem to be so friendly that the outside world would take them for the luckiest people alive to have such a solid pack of friends.

Unfortunately, there is no filter to make true friends in the world. While that one true friend you have in your long list of acquaintances sits quietly in your phone book. Until one day you finally ring them up.True friends never apart maybe in distance never in heart.” – Helen Keller

And it doesn’t matter for how long you two haven’t spoken, it will still feel like yesterday. It will still smell of friendship.

Friendship doesn’t mean house parties, wild boozing or a bunch of social media updates, it’s a feeling to stay connected with each other despite of being busy in office or the distance or “it’s been so many years we have not spoken to each other”, if you we’re true friends, you’ll stay one forever”!

Just pick up your phone, make a call and start the conversation, it would be a never- ending one 💝


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Re-Think / Re-Cycle ♻️

recycling of clothes

“Clothes aren’t going to change the world, women who wear them will.”

Shopping is something each one of us love 🛍. But if you think shopping is just a simple act based on human needs, you’re sadly mistaken.

67% of people shop everyday, also spend about 6 hours per week online. Textile Industry is the biggest polluter in the world after oil industry.

But Have you ever wondered where your clothes go after you discard them? What happens to torn or damaged clothes, or items that no one wants to buy?

Often, they are sent to India, joining a second-hand global trade specifically to Panipat in Northern India. Everyday hundreds of tonnes of clothes from across the world arrive at Panipat at the landfills (recycling mills) where the clothes are recycled. From high-street brands to luxury labels – most clothes donated to charity end up here.

Once in landfills, natural fibers can take hundreds of years to decompose. They may release methane & CO2 gas into the atmosphere. Additionally, synthetic textiles are designed not to decompose. In the landfill, they may release toxic substances into groundwater and surrounding soil.

Most of the garments discarded in 2009 are probably yet to decompose or biodegrade. Considering that around 350,000 tones of UK clothing are sent to landfill each year!

But there are sustainable technologies and processes being used to make fashion green. Many apparel manufacturers have switched to employing eco- Friendly Fashion ♻️. It can be a alternative trend against Fast Fashion. But how will you do that?

Convert your old clothes to the latest trendy one instead of throwing them. Buy what you Love, wear it atleast for 30 times and also Read the Label, see if its Eco-friendly or not 🌱

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New Girl In the City!

” मुसाफ़िर है तू उन गलियों का, जिस गली हम कभी जाते थे, इश्क़ है तू उन सदियों का, जिस गली हम कभी जाते थे ।”

I love visiting new cities and seeing all the tourist sites but apart from them I love knowing more about their culture .i.e. what they wear, What they eat, what are their traditions and majorly those places which don’t get much attention from the tourists. And I like to go on foot or by auto rickshaw along the streets of the town so that I can fully discover the beauty and secrets of the town. And it is fun, isn’t it?

It’s totally okay to arrive at a destination with no itinerary. Actually, Its probably better that way! Sometimes, having no expectations leaves more room for fun and more authentic discoveries. Gone are the days when we had nothing but maps and guidebooks to rely on travel tips, your phone is your friend, and you have endless information at your fingertips!

  • 1. However now-a-days you have Google Maps which works for travelling whether it’s finding a place to eat or hop to any other tourist place.

  • 2. I don’t know about you, but I follow a TON of travel accounts on instagram. Other Than giving me all the ~wanderlust ~ feels, it also inspires me to travel to new places or provides me with ideas for my ever- growing bucket list.

  • 3. I am a Pinterest freak! Whenever I’m travelling to any place I make sure that I Pinterest about things to do, photography and posing ideas and add them to my to- do list.

    4. Being a Fashion Designer, while I explore any city/ town I google about traditional embroidery artisians and fabric stores so that I can find different varieties of it. So, you guys can relate travel to your profession also especially if you’re from art field and in search for inspiration.

    Now, coming back to my previous blogs answer, The first thing I notice is how is the vibe, smell & sights of the environment and secondly “What People wear”!

    5. For instance, On August 2018, I visited Bangkok & noticed that the people there are Systematically Dressed according to their profession’s or even if its any random people. That made me understand that Bangkok is a city where people like things to be properly planned and friendly towards outsiders. Western Clothes are popular in the city .

    6.Asking locals is the best approach to finding hidden gems and exploring new areas. If you don’t like asking random people in the street, just go to a cafe or bar and talk to the wait staff. They are used to making small talk and are (generally) happy to help.

    ” My next question is How frequently do you go for shopping?”

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    The VogueNaari!

    “Last night the Rain spoke to me Slowly, saying, What joy to come falling out of the brisk cloud to be Happy again in a new way on the Earth !”

    Hi everyone, I am Saloni Jain, a Fashion Designer based in Hyderabad. The thought of ” The VogueNaari” came into my mind while I was searching for an inspiration for my new collection.

    According to me, Having good people around you who motivate, inspire and encourage you is so important. Surrounding yourself in that energy & environment is what will help you grow and really does have impact on your mental state. And My way of finding inspiration is Travel.

    The VogueNaari is a platform where you’ll get answers how to deal with fashion, my fashion experiences will be shared & also the future of fashion will be predicted and proved.

    The word VogueNaari means Fashionable Women. If you’re a fashion freak or the one who loves exploring the world with your fashionista eyes then you’re going to love this beautiful journey of being a VogueNaari ♥️

    My first question to all the readers would be ” What is the first thing you notice when you go in a New City ?”

    The answer to this question would be given in the Next Blog….