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Visit to The Wine Capital Of India-NASHIK

They say you should go on a holiday at least twice a year to lead a happy, relaxed and functional life. After months of hard work, we do feel like rewarding ourselves with a short trip but we usually limit ourselves to popular destinations with luxury hotels and shopping malls aplenty. Adventure, relaxation and peace take a back seat.

But, India is a land with great tourism potential. It’s a land with dazzling beaches, dramatic temples, exotic rain forests, colossal mountains, eternal deserts, lively cities, and the Indian peninsula creates an ultimate allure for the travellers across the globe.

So, If traditional destinations don’t fancy you enough, VogueNaari  have compiled a list of  best of India travel offbeat destinations for you, gifted with amazing natural beauty, adventure and interesting histories, bound to make you want to get on a train right away!

“Once a year, go some place you’ve never been before.” – Dalai Lama

The VogueNaari has started up with a weekend trip to NASHIK-MATHERAN-ALIBAUG. All these three destinations are very popular & at the same time the “HIDDEN BEAUTY OF INDIA”.

The VogueNaari feels it is better to make plans to local places that work rather than grand plans to exotic places that don’t work.
Nashik- The Wine Capital Of India


Nashik is peaceful yet full of colours and energy. It is home to the Ram Kund water tank, where Lord Rama is believed to have bathed. Countless Hindu devotees flock to this sacred spot every year. Nashik is famed for its beautiful temples and caves. If you are travelling to this city for the first time, here are a few things you must know besides booking one of the comfortable hotels in Nashik.

AirIndia Alliance AirBus


I started my trip from Hyderabad, but Nasik is also at an easy 4 hour driving distance from Mumbai. The day started with boarding an Alliance Air, this was the first time I saw a mini flight which was 67seater one. I enjoyed the journey as by train it takes 16 hours… OMG! So, now you can conveniently fly down to Nashik or reach by Train & Bus also.


Carry your camera, extra batteries, Selfie stick, phone, chargers and adapters, as this will be your first trip to Nashik and you will want to treasure memories. Pack light clothes and also a light jacket if it is winter, and carry sanitary items like sanitizer, wet wipes, etc. Pack prescription and OTC medicines for stomach problems and fever. Take along a light backpack to use while exploring the city.

I would like you all to know that I could visit only few places due to time constraint but spoke to few of my friends, locals and of course our driverji to know more about Nashik.


Situated on the bank of the sacred Godavari River, the air of the Nashik city carries an authentic spiritual feeling of being close to almighty. The city hosts one of the largest religious gatherings in the world known as Maha Kumbh which takes place every in twelve years. With Anjaneri hills (Birthplace of Lord Hanuman) and Trimbakeshwar Temple (one of the twelve Jyotirlingas) located so close to the town, a visit to the city will leave you spellbound.

Trimbakeshwar Temple- Nashik

From the Jain Mandir and Kalaram Temple to Kapileswara Temple, Someshwar Temple and Ram Kund, there are many tourist hotspots in Nashik to explore. Make time for Sundarnarayan Temple, Saptashrungi Devi Temple and Gangapur Dam too. As a first-timer, you cannot miss the Sita Gumpha Caves, where Lord Rama and Sita Devi are believed to have worshipped. Check out the ancient Pandavleni Caves too, where 24 caves are grouped together and were carved between 1st century BCE and 3rd century CE.

Have I missed something important about the city!! Oh yeah!! Having half of India’s vineyards and wineries, the city is also well known as the “Wine capital of India”. Taking a wine tour at the famous Sula vineyards can be the perfect way to put an end to a tiring day. Also, Vallone Vineyards, Soma Vine Village, York Winery & Tasting Room, Grover Zampa Vineyards are the popular picks. They have picturesque locales and offer a serene environment to taste wine and relax.

The Vineyard view from Little Italy


I booked my stay at OYO Hotel SHANTI Inn. I felt that it was budget friendly, hygenic & comfortable. The first place I visited was Trimbakeshwar, which is ancient Hindu temple dedicated to God Shiva and is one amongst the twelve Jyotirlingas. The first look at the temple left me flabbergasted. With cloudy mountains surrounding the temple from most sides and the temple being at the middle, the views were just spectacular. I was astounded to experience something so magical Then on my way back to Nashik city, was the popular Anjaneri Fort which is believed to be the birthplace of Lord Hanuman, since it takes a lot of time to climb-up I took the blessings of Lord Hanuman at the famous temple situated there.

Sula Vineyard

The last on my list was the Sula Vineyard. To taste the amazing wines of Sula amidst the sunset and the beautiful vineyards is definitely a moment to cheer about. Then I had the authentic marathi food- Bhakri, Peetla & lasuni methi at Sadhana Village.

But if you have time, don’t miss Any of the spots I have mentioned above.

Happy Memories from Nashik
Though I visited the Nashik city in the second week of June, I would suggest my readers to visit the city in the months of August to December as the surroundings would be much greener and with climate being very pleasant.


If you are keen on fine dining, check out Little Italy, RiverDine Restaurant & Bar, Spice Route and Bon Vivant. From Indian and Asian to Italian, Chinese and Continental, you will find various cuisines here.

If you don’t want to splurge, try Sadhana Restaurant, Rajeshahi, Barbeque Ville, Barbeque Nation and Spice It- Ibis. Different types of cuisines including fast foods are available here. Shri Krishna Vijay Restaurant, Tushar Misal, Vihar Misal, Mamaj-Pav bhaji and Hotel Rama Heritage are good budget options.

The famous Tushar Mishal & Taragan Pan

I had tried this amazing food of Sadhana Village, famous-Tushar Misal and The firepan at Taaragan Pan-300 types of Pan, it was extraordinary. If you want to taste some more dishes like these then do visit College Road in Nashik.

So,do remember the tips mentioned above and gear up for a wonderful first-time trip! Hope you would have enjoyed reading this blog post on The Wine Capital Of India- Nashik. To get regular updates on upcoming blog posts from The VogueNaari please subscribe.

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Simple Ways to choose a Perfect Tattoo

While the question may seem simple enough asking, “What is a Tattoo?” Tattoos are permanent markings on the skin made by way of ink and needles. Once the ink is deposited into the second layer of skin known as the dermis, the wound scabs over and the skin heals to expose a design under the new layer. The practice is now an acceptable form of body art.

Simple ways to choose a perfect Tattoo

Tattoos are incredebily popular among teens & young adults as itseems to be a modern fashionable trend these days in India too. Tattoos tell a story and can be written in any language. From symbols depicting cultural images to words and font designs, if you dare to dream it, a tattooist can likely create it and tell your tale on a living canvas.

To celebrate life, choices, and to pay tribute and memorial to life’s purpose and companions, tattoos have the artful ability to speak volumes.

Many people choose to remember those they love and honor traditions and life events with a tattoo. As the saying goes, a picture speaks a thousand words.

You may have many questions before getting your first tattoo. What do I want? Where do I want? Who is the right artist? Is it safe or not?
Believe me, before you get permanently inked, these are good questions to be asking yourself. (And, by the way, I have the answer for all.) But there’s a lot more to the experience of getting a tattoo—and coming up with the design, and taking care of it afterward—that you probably wouldn’t think to ask about before you go under the needle for the first time.

When searching for the tattoo inspiration, internet is full of wonderful design ideas & images. But not always do these fit your needs. Let’s start by knowing our goal .i.e.
The goal is to have your tattoo for the long haul, though, so choosing one that feels true to you is the single most important factor to consider when making your decision.

Creative tattoo ideas

Kind Of Tattoos:

There are various types of tattoos like Tribal, Traditional,Realism,Watercolour, New School,Neo Traditional,Japanese Style, Black Work, Illustrative,Chicano Style,etc.

Confusing, Right? If you have no clue where to start! Here are few failsafe ink options to consider.

Significant Dates: Whether you just got engaged or married or gave birth to your first child, dates make for amazing tattoos as they serve as a singular reminder of a significant moment in your life. Dates can be written in countless different styles, fonts, roman numerical , calligraphy & Calender graphics. This type of tattoo will definitely make you happy whenever you look at it.

Portraits: You don’t have to get a detailed design of your grandmom’s face- to call it a portrait tattoo. In fact, you can stick to a figure of your favourite pet if that’s so special for you. Portraits make for a very meaningful tattoos as they remind us of someone we love or miss the most.

Quotes & Lyrics: Everyone has a favourite quote, phrase or lyric which is probably why so many people choose to get them tattooed. You can also listen to an old song you love, read cards you have saved or try thinking about specific sayings or mottos which may have shared with you for inspiration.

Everyone has a favourite quote, phrase or lyric which is probably why so many people choose to get them tattooed. You can also listen to an old song you love, read cards you have saved or try thinking about specific sayings or mottos which may have shared with you for inspiration.

Pop culture Favourites: From Pokemon to powerpuff girls to your favourite superheroes, the tattoo industry has broadened enough in variety of styles and talents. You can watch your favourite characters and create their tattoo.

Artistic Or Love Tattoos: Most of the teens or couples like to make monogram or initials as a part of their tattoo design. Artistic tattoo ideas like Infinity, dream catchers, hearts are the most trending tattoos.

Other ideas: It’s always a good idea to take time & find tattoo artists on Pinterest or Instagram who will work with you to create a tattoo that suits you. Most of the tattoo artist can help you brainstorm and suggest you perfect design, desired placement & size. Remember, this is a permanent affair.

Ankle Tattoo designs

Tattoo Placement for first-timers:

All tattoos hurt, no matter what and its a fact. How many ever reviews you read, no one can change the fact that , tattoo by definition is the pain. The pain is just the part of the price you pay to have such a unique addition to your body. For a first-timer, you can probably choose that area of the body that is less sensitive to needles on the skin. The ribs, hands, feet, knees and elbows are considered to be some of the most painful places on the body to be tattooed.

The best places on the body to get your tattoo done are Wrist, Thigh, Shoulder, Forearm, Calves, Bicep, etc.

Few Tips before you get your first tattoo done:

Here are a few secret tips for having a best tattoo experience.

Plan Your Schedule: If you’re planning to go on a vacation, it is going to be a bad idea. During your healing process, you simply cannot do normal everyday things. For instance, no tanning, sun soaking at the beach, swimming, etc.

Go in healthy: Before heading to a tattoo shop, skip the fast food diet & junk food. Eat a good meal the night before and a good breakfast before you go. Stay Hydrated, Stay healthy.

Know what you can & cannot afford: Remember, tattoos are expensive. Tattoo is an art & it might be insulting to negotiate with a tattoo artist.

Bring your Friend: Make sure you have a buddy that can hold your hand and look at it while it’s happening. Chew gum. It helps take away the pain

Do your Homework: Make sure you do your homework on reputable shops & tattoo artists. It is very important to get your tattoo done in a good place. Overall just have fun.

Make sure you feel Comfortable: You need to feel comfortable in the tattoo shop that you are planning to go to as well as be comfortable with the person who is giving you that tattoo.  Play music to distract you from pain.

Start Small: Tattoo is a piece of art that will be on your body for the rest of your life. Make sure you’re happy with the design beforehand and have added your own flare. You can get smaller tattoos done which will help you prepare for the larger one.

Think Carefully about your Placement: Be 10,000 per cent sure of what you want to get, where you get it, and how it may affect you in the future.

After Care is Important: Be sure your artist covers your new tattoo in a thin layer of petroleum jelly and a bandage. Remove the bandage after 24 hours. Keep applying a moisturizer or ointment after you clean it to keep it moist. You should repeat this process for 2 to 4 weeks. Always put sunscreen on it, especially in the summer, to keep the colours bright — SPF 45 or higher is best.

Ask Advice: If you’re still confused, take the advice of your friends & family. Or read blogs for trendy designs & concepts.

Tattoo trend 2019

Trend Forecast For Tattoo in 2019:

Tattoo trends change & evolve over time. We are predicting few tattoo trends of 2019 like Hand tattoos, Imperfect Illustrations, 90’s ignorant tattoos, Ear Tattoos, Detailed Florals, Bigger & Bolder pieces of art, Colourful ink tattoo, etc which are the biggest trends we can expect everyone asking for this year.

Lastly, let’s face it, your first tattoo is a brave decision on your part. Like any commitment, it often comes with worry attached to it.
Just make sure to pick a spot that’s within fingertip reach for easy tattoo aftercare, unless you have someone who’s willing and able to massage your creams in for you. 

Best places to get your Tattoo Inked in Hyderabad areAngel tattoo & Piercing (Sindhi colony), Vinnu’s body Art studio (RamNagar), Joysen Tattoo & piercing (Jubliee Hills), Hakim aalim’s Tattoo parlour ( Banjara hills), Sana’s Tattoo art studio ( Minister Road).

Just Relax and enjoy your tattoo. However, if it;s something that means a lot to you, then your tattoo will never go out of style.

“My body is my journal, and my tattoos are my story.”

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Rudranaag- My First Trek In the Himalayas

Trek to rudranaag

ज़िंदगी एक सफ़र है सुहाना, यहाँ कल क्या हो किसने जाना 🍃

Himachal made me feel, ” life is a long road we travel from experiencing the beauty of a path filled with flowers to continue with hard rocks beneath your legs”.

We were a group of 8; Me, Mahi (my sister), Sandy (team captian), Rahul, Meghna, Ahmed, Angel & Purna bhaiya (our guide). We left from Kasol with a superb level of energy & excitement . And yes, for me it was an extremely different feeling with a big heavy backpack on my shoulders. It was the very first trek of my life. While we were on our way to barshaini, the beautiful view of the snowy mountains was mesmerising.

The Trek begins:

The main path of the Rudranaag trek starts from Barshaini and leads to Kheerganga ( top of the mountain ranges) . But due to heavy snowfall the way to Kheerganga was closed & we had to stop at Rudranaag. At Barshaini , we took our sticks to get grip while climbing & the started our trek to Rudranaag . It seemed to be a sunny day, hence the snow was melting making our path a little difficult, as it was getting slippery. Walking through the Parvati river, we couldn’t get our eyes through the beautiful landscape with stunning vistas of Himalayas. Crossing the bridge and motivating each other we saw 3 dogs walking with us since the start. I named them as Snowy, Dusky & Blacky ( Ps: i was missing tuffy). Thoughts of YJHD were being recollected in my mind. As, I wore a heavy windcheater jacket, it was getting even more warmer for me so i would recommend people not to wear heavy wind cheater as it sweats while you trek. But watching the snow- capped mountains & the first rays of sun lighting up the mountains was worthwhile.

The climb was getting a little steep and slushy, but rocks were there to make formations in the form of steps. Sandy & purna bhaiya were like motivators, they used say ” we have almost reached, we’ll take a break in a while” & ofcourse that was convincing enough. We thought the worst is over but this was just the start.

We took our first break at Nathan village for lunch. We were extremely hungry but had to eat light so that we can trek easily & ordered a maggie ( most easily found veg dish ). It was lip smacking and felt like the most yummiest maggie i ever had.

Moving forward, we reached our camp point and I suddenly felt so proud of myself, ” YES! I have done it”. By the time I could inherit this thought, we had to leave for the next part of the trek .i.e. Rudranaag Waterfall so that we don’t miss any of it. We all left our bags and on the way to Rudranaag waterfall, i saw a small cafe where a old women was weaving a shawl for herself. I actually wanted to talk to her and know how the process but had to hurry 🙈. And finally that moment had become, we reached Rudranaag but unsurprisingly there was no waterfall as it was all freezing yet we could see a lower waterfall down the parvati river. There was no more trail. It was all white all around covered with knee deep snow. We couldn’t stop ourselves to just jump on the snow and start playing . We all started clicking pictures, played with snow like kids, made a cute snowman and what better than having a hot cup of tea surrounding the snowy mountains accompanied by the 3 cute dogs till the end. We were lost in all the amazement.

On our way back to the campsite, we were filled with confidence and couldn’t stop thanking purna bhaiya for all the help he did to help us walk through the steep snowy path.

It was an awesome experience how I turned from fearful to fearless trekker.

The campsite was beautiful too. What more you want, when we you such amazing hosts at campsite playing Punjabi songs, himachali songs, sandy & ahmed playing guitar and singing melodies ( local pahadi songs also) . The mountain people always have that touch of love & care. The night tend to be was one of the most happiest, that moment watching the beautiful mountain view from the camp is saved in the window of my memories. The night in the camp for me & mahima was super cold but It was just mind blowing at the same time. You’ll be surrounded by the mountains & they would look so magnificent that it would just take your breath away for a second.

On the very next morning, we started walking down through the nathan village but this time we took a snowy way to reach Barshaini. It was filled with fresh snow all around and being so close to Parvati river felt so refreshing. I wished that moment would just pause Forever. Infact, i think everyone should try this trek once in their lifetime. You will realise how beautiful& insignificant the mother nature is.

** But as a first trek it is going to be a bit hard & if you don’t have that capacity & willingness to do it, you can never do it.

Things to remember while you go for trekking:

• Do not carry to many things in your rucksack as it may cause severe shoulder & backpains.

• Carry proper trekking shoes ( sneakers would make you fall & a complete bad choice)

• Carry Waterbottle or energy drink to boost up your engergy.

I hope you all like this beautiful journey. The overall experience was very enriching .

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Kasol Diaries 🗻

Parvati Valley -Kasalo Diaries

Kasol is a place where you feel embraced in the chest of the mountains. It is like the mother who nurtures you, it is like a father who just lets you be “YOU”.

My journey To Kasol started from Delhi after a 14 hours drive. The driver had stopped for tea at Mandi, i was in a tizzy, partly out of the happy Himalayan wind and partly out of hunger. I knew this was just a glance of nature.. many more beautiful views to come!!

On my way to Kasol, I could see through tall, snow-covered trees which bend & sway. I didn’t know where i came from or where I will go, while strange noises crunch the newly fallen snow. Those rooftop’s and garden covered with snow felt so beautiful. But then, some hours of sleep was enough to get me back in action mode in the morning. Due to snow, there was no power in kasol for last four days, I couldn’t afford taking bath in the ice chilling water . So, We headed straight to the Manikaran village to see the natural hot springs, the shiva temple and the manikaran gurudwara.

On our way to the gurudwara, we visited the local manikaran market which was super interesting to see the variety of Multicolour Topi’s, Buddhist mantra flags and much more. Your day in Himachal is however incomplete without having maggie. So, lunch could either be Hot Maggie or egg omelet.

In the second half of the day, we moved to catch river Parvati wildly flapping its way across the tiny Himalayan village named Chalal Village. The sun was going down, a shepherd was getting his sheep across the river on an old, rickety bridge. You can witness the hot springs all around kasol. After a small trek to Chalal village and some quick pictures, we were on our way back to the hotel. But as kasol is quite famous for hash and few good cafe’s we ended up Evergreen Cafe for dinner. As there was no power, we had a candlelight dinner along with the famous Kasol cake and ice cream & some yummy Hot chocolate.

As it was Valentine week, we could enjoy the soothing live music at Panchtara Cafe. There’s nothing better than live music and its raw energy. It tended to be a perfect winter night.

You can explore a lot in Kasol .

Kasol is magic, get ready to be enthralled in the mini Israel of India ❄️

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Is This Friendship Forever?

ज़िन्दगी गुज़र जाए पर दोस्ती कम ना हों। याद हमें रखना चाहें पास हम ना हों। कयामत तक चकता रहे ये प्यारा सा सफर। दुआ करे कि कभी ये रिश्ता खतम ना हो।

 Travel is very much connected to friendship. Being a solo traveller or travelling with known friends, by the end you have a story with someone or the other being a part of it. So, it’s like there is an unspoken bond you create with friends you travel with. I love making friends but that’s a different point that I’m a bit lazy at texting or calling them regularly.

But yet I have 1,840 friends on Facebook and I don’t remember when was the last I have checked the list or even texted anyone of them lately? Chances are, you and I may also be connected via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or the hundred other social networking apps; and yet we know nothing about each other’s existence! By the way, I am doing fine, not that you ask. And I hope that you’re well, not that I care. But that’s just howe we roll these days, isn’t it? Friendship these days has been reduced to likes, tags, comments & meme mentions. The more often you tag them, the friendlier you are. Because with time, the definition of friendship has changed. 

We all are so busy in going through our social media feeds that we don’t have time to meet our friends. We think we know most about their lives just by stalking their social media profile, stories or posts but

“Our eyes don’t see truth always..What we believe as to be true, we only see that..very few are eager to know the ultimate truth”.

I’m sure most of us have a solid pack of friends whom we meet offline, in the real world, every now and then. That every now and then being ‘only weekends’. Our generation is having a friendship of self-deplored people finding solace in the company of others caught in similar situations, over rounds of beer & joints, only to forget them on monday mornings. Until next Friday it is.

Lets, face it. We don’t have friends anymore. We just have people with whom we want to post “bae” titled pictures and socialize to get the highest number . of likes and comments. The best part of this is the posts seem to be so friendly that the outside world would take them for the luckiest people alive to have such a solid pack of friends.

Unfortunately, there is no filter to make true friends in the world. While that one true friend you have in your long list of acquaintances sits quietly in your phone book. Until one day you finally ring them up.True friends never apart maybe in distance never in heart.” – Helen Keller

And it doesn’t matter for how long you two haven’t spoken, it will still feel like yesterday. It will still smell of friendship.

Friendship doesn’t mean house parties, wild boozing or a bunch of social media updates, it’s a feeling to stay connected with each other despite of being busy in office or the distance or “it’s been so many years we have not spoken to each other”, if you we’re true friends, you’ll stay one forever”!

Just pick up your phone, make a call and start the conversation, it would be a never- ending one 💝


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Re-Think / Re-Cycle ♻️

recycling of clothes

“Clothes aren’t going to change the world, women who wear them will.”

Shopping is something each one of us love 🛍. But if you think shopping is just a simple act based on human needs, you’re sadly mistaken.

67% of people shop everyday, also spend about 6 hours per week online. Textile Industry is the biggest polluter in the world after oil industry.

But Have you ever wondered where your clothes go after you discard them? What happens to torn or damaged clothes, or items that no one wants to buy?

Often, they are sent to India, joining a second-hand global trade specifically to Panipat in Northern India. Everyday hundreds of tonnes of clothes from across the world arrive at Panipat at the landfills (recycling mills) where the clothes are recycled. From high-street brands to luxury labels – most clothes donated to charity end up here.

Once in landfills, natural fibers can take hundreds of years to decompose. They may release methane & CO2 gas into the atmosphere. Additionally, synthetic textiles are designed not to decompose. In the landfill, they may release toxic substances into groundwater and surrounding soil.

Most of the garments discarded in 2009 are probably yet to decompose or biodegrade. Considering that around 350,000 tones of UK clothing are sent to landfill each year!

But there are sustainable technologies and processes being used to make fashion green. Many apparel manufacturers have switched to employing eco- Friendly Fashion ♻️. It can be a alternative trend against Fast Fashion. But how will you do that?

Convert your old clothes to the latest trendy one instead of throwing them. Buy what you Love, wear it atleast for 30 times and also Read the Label, see if its Eco-friendly or not 🌱